Yes, exercise is good for our heart. Yes, exercise is good for keeping the weight off. Yes, exercising and having a great body means you can take impressive Instagram photos. You are all right.

For health, exercise as medicine is truly one of the BEST methods for living healthy and long and managing various chronic issues with our bodies.

Let’s take a different outlook on what people can achieve from exercising (when done in the correct way!).

Increase happiness and improve mood

‘Feel good’ Endorphins are released in response to exercising – as we are repeatedly told. Once you have cooled down after a workout, almost 100% of the time you will crack a smile at some point in the near future. Some say ‘exercise is the best medicine’ – I believe ‘a smile is the best medicine’ is also true.

Decrease anxiety and increase confidence

A challenging exercise routine gives you a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishing something or reaching a target increases your confidence and you feel better about yourself. It brings positive feelings and will increase your belief in yourself throughout the day. Accomplish more and reduce your anxiety with exercise.

Decrease stress

Creating a daily routine including exercise early in the day can be a great way to decrease stress in your life. Exercising gives you time out from thinking about your daily stresses (e.g. work or family life) ­ and can be used as a form of meditation, to set your mind straight.

Create healthy habits

Creating a new healthy habit is something you can learn how to do. So many positive psychological and physiological adaptations are triggered by exercise, meaning creating healthy habits is much easier to do when assisted by exercise. With new healthy habits, you can be more productive with your time, achieve more and work more efficiently towards your goals.

Learn how to push yourself.

You want to achieve those goals but lack the mental strength to start. Daily exercise works both your body and mind. The act of getting yourself to start your workout is a result of your mind working and overcoming ambivalence. This is for some a challenge in itself, without the physical workout of exercising. Developing your mental control has more benefits than just getting yourself exercising. You will be able to make better decisions, think more clearly and achieve more with your valuable time.

Your body moves better

Performing daily tasks will become easier. A morning workout is like a warm-up for your whole day. Increase natural pain-relieving endorphins in your body, Improve flexibility and range of motion, and better prepare your body and mind for when you do need to move.

Get more energy throughout the day

Stop having the afternoon low energy slumps. Exercise may decrease the amount of caffeine you need to consume to get energy throughout the day. In natural (cheaper) ways, exercise increases energy levels when you push yourself. Your body prepares itself for what it expects is to come. Therefore, exercising in the morning helps your body be energised and prepared to move throughout the day. We all know that we need energy to move. After all, we are not made for sitting in chairs all day long.

Exercise daily and you will feel fabulous!

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