As much as I would love to say that I no longer have a rubbish bin – I would be lying. When I moved interstate the first thing I did was go to the supermarket and buy washing products; detergents, shampoos, cleaning cloths – the ‘necessities’. I am going to need some time to use up these products before I can live completely sustainable. It would be quite contradictory of me to simply throw out what I have and buy new environmentally and ethical products. Five months ago I would never have anticipated taking on such a lifestyle. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as simply changing your lifestyle overnight and becoming sustainable. It is something that takes time, money and resources. Having said that it is completely attainable for humans of all ages, locations and circumstances, with out it costing them an arm or a leg.

At the moment I am living on the thirteenth floor of an apartment building and I am finding it very hard to find places to discard of food scraps and composting materials with out a garden. Within the next two months I hope to be living in a house with a couple of flatmates. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and being able to start my own composting system as soon as possible. The recycling system at my apartment is pretty much non-existent which worries me, as nobody has been bothered enough by this in the past to do anything about it. Progress can be slow, but I hope to see some sort of recycling system in place a couple of days before I move out..Luckily there are plenty of bins around the CBD of Adelaide that offer recycling for paper and plastics that I can offload my items into when needed.

I ran out of face moisturiser about a month ago and managed to find a beautiful organic Lemon Myrtle cream at Salamanca Market that was made in Hobart. To add to my delight it was priced competitively with similar ‘big brands’ and did not blow the budget. It is in a glass jar that I can use over and over again (another tick of approval). I don’t wear makeup, only on very special occasions – I hope I wont be replacing my current makeup supply for a good year. I am yet to run out of shampoo and conditioner but plan on experimenting with homemade concoctions, I will be sure to report back. I eventually plan to use simple, natural agents such as bi-carb soda and eucalyptus oil for my everyday house cleaning.

I see it taking me up to six months to be truly living a sustainable life. As I said it will take some time but every little thing helps.

E xx