I turn on my TV to be greeted by an add featuring a famous footballer, grabbing a delicious slimy looking stir-fry out of a plastic tub from the microwave. He raises the folk topped with chemical laden meat and sugar coated vegetables to his pearly white chompers. With a jaw dropping smile and glistening eyes he explains how he is so strapped for time he can’t possibly cook his own meal. Instead he would prefer to throw his money into the rubbish bin where most of the product he is endorsing will end up. I grab the remote; push the big red button, the TV turns black, my blood pressure calms.
packaged meal
I think I’m going to be sick

One thing that gets my blood boiling are these advertising campaigns that tell people it’s okay to not have enough time to cook. No, no it’s not okay. To not take fifteen minutes out of your ‘busy’ day to chop up some vegetables and cook up some rice is a crime against human rights. What the hell are you doing that can possibly take priority over eating dinner!? In all seriousness we live one of the most privileged countries in the world, yet we behave as though we are being suffocated by deadlines and appearances. If you don’t have time to cook dinner, you need to take a good hard look at your life.
Am I living in the wrong century? Do we no longer sit around a dinner table and talk to our siblings and parents about life? Have we forgotten how to cook?

Aside from the fact that these meals are a gross lapse of the modern family – laziness, they are smothered in chemicals and nicely wrapped in plastic for your convenience. It bothers me to see these products advertised as cost savers, there is nothing cheap about them – they are not cheap for you pocket, nor cheap for our environment.

It baffles me to see people spending hard earned money on products you can barely call food and carry on like it makes their lives better. They are not healthy, they are not easy, they are not cheap, and they are not going to make you lose weight. Please stop.