Creativity is apparent in many aspects of our lives you may not have realised. Give your career a successful boost, feel happier and develop loving relationships; all by giving your creative side some attention.

When we talk about creativity, we talk about the creation of novel ideas which are appropriate to the context. Being creative is very useful, every day.

We can of course increase our creative power by directly training just that. A range of activities and tasks aimed at purposefully being creative all have been proven to make one more creative. However, there is a simpler, more natural method to be more creative which may be effective every single time.

When we are in search of ideas and creativity, we get ourselves into a flurry of stress and anxiety and second guess ourselves, which ultimately leads nowhere. In order to work on our creative thinking ability, we need to look further into the building blocks of creative thinking.

The creative thinking process involves a combination of self-confidence and attitude, in addition to talent. If you think you haven’t got it, don’t worry – there is a hope!

It has been long documented that walking is associated with one being more creative. It doesn’t even matter whether you walk inside on a treadmill or outside in the most breath-taking environment, you will have increased creative ideation. Walking is an activity which must not be purposefully undertaken with the intention of being more creative, rather the creativity development process occurs naturally.

Walking makes people perform up to 50% better in idea generation when compared to being inactive. That is, more useful ideas are generated. Walking interestingly makes people more loquacious (more chatty or talkative), which has been associated with more useful creative ideas. However; talking more is not linked to increased creativity. Even while sitting down after a short walk (without talking) people are able to increase their creative thinking.

Just simply being outdoors is not enough. A short walk is what it takes to naturally increase your creative power. It does not matter whether you walk outdoors or indoors on a treadmill. Walking at a natural pace without rushing or stressing about a time deadline is best.

Make the most of the time after your walk. Straight after you finish your walk is the time you should knuckle-down and focus on what you need lots of brain power and creativity for. Studies have found that within a 16 minute window is the optimal time to use your newly found creative brain, however, this figure is not a cut-off point.

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.

– Friedrich Nietzsche, 1889, Philosopher.

Walking is not only good for our health, but our minds and specifically our creative thinking ability as well. Take your body (and your brain) for a walk. See where your mind will wander.



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