• Walk instead of getting a bus or taxi. You will end up walking a lot more than you do at home, that is for sure. But there will also be days where you have a plane ride or a bus trip where you spend hours on end sitting and waiting. In many places you can walk from the bs station to find a hostel, or you could get dropped by a taxi in an area then walk to your accommodation or attraction.
  • Do a hike in every destination ā€“ hiking is a fabulous way to get out of the city and get intouch with nature. It is also a fabulous work out. Get onto some steep tracks to build strength in your legs or do a fast-paced walk to get your heart rate up and burn more energy.
  • Hire bikes to see a city ā€“ bikes are so fabulous. Not only do you feel fabulous riding fast with the wind in your hair, you can also see so much more than you would when walking. Being faster, but still in the city (or area) in the same places you would walk is fantastic.
  • Run to an attraction a few kilometres from your accommodation ā€“ sometimes there may be just one or two things in one direction that you want to see. When it is only a few kilometres from your accommodation, why not run there? As I mentioned in my post (**Why you should exercise when traveling**), it is so so so important to vary your exercise and get some high intensity workouts in. The great thing about running to an attraction is you get a break and even a coffee when you arrive!
  • Beach walk ā€“ Everyone says they love the beach. But pretty much everyone gets sick of sunbaking when they are red-raw with dry skin. Mix up your beach activities and take a stroll along the foreshore when the sun is not so potent and the sky is gorgeous (Sunset photo opportunity?). Sand creates extra resistance therefore giving you a better workout than walking on the sidewalk.
    What do you think are the best ways you actually workout while traveling without realising you are actually working out?