Exercise while you are traveling is so important for multiple reasons. Keeping your routines, habits and keeping your body strong and healthy helps you to not get sick and have more energy to do all the fun activities while traveling.
Exercise while traveling will make your trip better! From exercise, we fell happier, we have more energy, you will be more confident and you will just outright have a better experience. Avoid putting on the extra weight and be happy upon your return home.

Your diet will change while traveling

You will no doubt eat differently. Help your body cope with the changed diet. Depending on where you go, you may end up eating a more energy dense diet. For example in Asia, I ended up eating a lot more rice than normal and in South America, they serve bread a lot. If it weren’t for the amount of walking and exercise I did, I would have been in trouble!

You will drink more alcohol and sweet drinks

You will drink differently! Especially if you are getting amongst the hostel lifestyle you will drink, a lot. 1 glass of beer can have 590 KJ (full, 375ml), a glass of wine has approximately 500 KJ (120ml) and a cocktail, with its exuberant amount of sugar can have 1190 KJ (espresso martini)! Counting Kilo Joule intake is not always representative of how much weight you will put on, but when the energy is coming from simple carbohydrates such as sugar in cocktails; your body does not handle the energy in an efficient way. Always exercise while traveling to optimise your body’s ability to process the naughty things you put into it.

You will need as much energy as possible

When you travel, or go backpacking, you will do so much walking. You will probably walk 100’s of kilometres in just a week or two. Sure, increasing the kilometres you walk is amazing for your body. However; take a moment to think about all of the reasons we need to exercise while traveling: We exercise to get strong muscles, get a healthy heart, to keep our joints flexible and moveable. This means we need to stick to our resistance training and high intensity cardio workouts to optimise our bodies and be as healthy and happy as possible. Unless you are hiking up steep climbs with a full backpack, you are not getting strength training while simply walking around the main attractions. I know that after a day of walking you just want to collapse and not move any muscle an inch further! Be grateful that there is a solution! Combining a core workout or an upper body, shoulders and arms workout in the morning with your walking activities during the day is fabulous.
Sticking as close to your usual workout routine as possible is so important.

Keep your body strong, healthy and sexy.

Exercise guidelines exist for a reason. Unfortunately, these guidelines do not formally allow for holidays! Your body does not get paid when you give it a long term holiday. Without resistance training you may make your body more susceptible to injury, you will become weaker and not be as functional! With resistance training in your plan for exercise while traveling you will build more stamina so you have more energy to do more activities. Resistance workouts while traveling will make you feel happier. Resistance training has been found to improve mood, give you a better body image and increase your self-esteem. And besides, who doesn’t want to have fabulously toned muscles and look fabulous?
In order for our hearts to stay fit and healthy, we need to challenge it. When you walk, you challenge the endurance of your heart however, it is also important to challenge the efficiency of your heart. That means you need to make it pump harder so it stays strong and keeps ticking for many more years to come. High intensity cardio workouts are fabulous for challenging you heart and cutting your workout time to a minimum. Exercise while traveling to keep your internal body healthy and happy.

You may want to learn and develop as a person while traveling

Be better and challenge yourself through daily exercise while traveling. Exercise while traveling is a great way to develop you as a person. You will make yourself mentally stronger if you work out daily. Please do not care about the others who watch you when you come back from your run – secretly they are jealous that they can’t find the self-control to go running or to workout. It is easy to get stuck in the rut of those surrounding and not exercise while traveling. It is so important to have your goals and to not succumb to the bad habits of your travel companions. When you can do what the rest aren’t, it proves your independence, self-confidence and success. Exercise while traveling every day and you will be stronger as a person, mentally and physically.
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Return home without any regrets!

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