How to exercise while traveling without doing a workout

Walk instead of getting a bus or taxi. You will end up walking a lot more than you do at home, that is for sure. But there will also be days where you have a plane ride or a bus trip where you spend hours on end sitting and waiting. In many places you can walk from...

Why exercise is great for more reasons than just weight management

Yes, exercise is good for our heart. Yes, exercise is good for keeping the weight off. Yes, exercising and having a great body means you can take impressive Instagram photos. You are all right. For health, exercise as medicine is truly one of the BEST methods for...

16 ways to more efficient workouts. Do less and get better results.

As Steven Covey mentions in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit #4 is to sharpen the saw. You will not be successful cutting a tree down with a blunt saw. Take some time before you start, to sharpen the saw. You will have the tree down much faster and...


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